The Pepperdine Difference

Hear from Blake Withall, Director of Online Programs, as he distinguishes the Pepperdine Difference from other MBA programs.

Probably the most significant factor that distinguishes Pepperdine from other programs is that we really try to develop the whole person. We really want the student who is actually the professional at the same time to come to the school and just see the world from a very broad perspective and business as well. We’re interested of course in the bottom line here. We’re interested in profits and prices and marketing and finance and economics. But what we’re also really interested in is the development of the person. We’re interested in how can you make a business successful by also making the people in that business or helping the people in that business to be the best that they can be in terms of human beings. We believe that good people who are making good decisions, who are making good in the world will do well in the business world. They’re not mutually exclusive having ethics, having values in business. It’s sometimes seen as an oxymoron but it isn’t. It’s really what makes the most successful companies successful in today’s economy and global market.