Residency Weekend – Graduate Video

Graduates from the Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business & Management talk about the benefits of the online MBA program’s weekend residency course.


Tara Clark: Of course, the Residency program was great because who doesn’t want to go to Malibu for a weekend in California, but it was nice because it puts a face to a name. As I said before, there was concerns about you know, am I just going to be at a computer for the next two years, but it gave me a chance to see that the other people in the program are just as driven as I am, share the same values and it’s nice to see that these faculty are you know, on ground, on campus just as … you know, they’re still the high quality that you would expect at any university.

Piryanka Budiyan: The residency weekend was absolutely amazing, and I think that’s one of the things that Pepperdine has done differently and has really succeeded in because it allowed all of us to put a face to that image that you see online. And even though it was just one weekend, it allowed us to create networks and it allowed us to establish these relationships and friendships that have lasted over the two year period and probably will last on for hopefully much longer than that.

Jimmy Stewart: The residency program really sets the tone for the entire program. I mean, of course, you get to know your classmates a lot better, and they’re a lot easier to work with online after you’ve been able to spend a couple of days with them. It also just kind of gets you in the mood for and gets you excited about learning, about you know about what we plan to accomplish, what we hope to accomplish in the program. I learned more about how to listen, about how to understand and empathize with people better than through any book I’ve had or any other course I’ve taken, and it really brought our cohort together. It brought our community together and just able to form a lot of friendships that weekend that helped, helped throughout the program.