Becoming Job Ready

Hear from Jessica Cheng, Director of Career Services at Pepperdine University, as she offers up advice on how the Online MBA assists students become job ready

The current managements on our offer students a wide array of services to help them be job ready and interview ready. The mock interview is great. They can practice. Practice makes perfect. It also allows us to give a student feedback on the things that they need to improve, tips on how to answer common interview questions. We also have a program called interview stream that they can access and basically allows them to interact with the program that accesses an employer and they can record themselves and to actually e-mail that video to friends, family, to staff, and to get feedback from anyone they wish to do so. We also provide them with tips on how to write a good resume, on how to cater the resumes, webinars focusing on how to network, the top common job search mistakes, just topics that will really help them you know feel more confident and be more ready when they do enter the employment job search that they’re gonna be starting. And also we want to bring back alumni to speak on employer panels to tell, to give back to the students what they know, what as a recruiter what they’re looking for and as an employer what kind of talent that they’re looking for.

An online still access these resources coz everything is online. The current portal is online, all the job postings are posted online, and for the career managements and all staff are able to communicate via Skype, phone, whatever makes it more convenient for the student. So all the services that they would like to access through the center are available with through them online or e-mail or phone. We try to make it as easy as possible for the student.

For the mid-career level students you know this is a great – the online MBA is great for that because you can also keep working while also getting your education. And for mid-level people who come in, maybe they want a career change, maybe you’ve been doing sales for five years and you realized you hate it and you wanna go into marketing now. This is – our services can help you transition into a new career. Or maybe you don’t know how to get the promotion you’ve always wanted. You know you’ve gotten your MBA, you’re ready for a higher level position. And most people are trepidacious on how to approach that subject and so we coach them with how to get promotions, how to negotiate salary, all those things that come with building your career.