Advice for Job Seekers

I think the best thing someone can do to prepare for a job interview is to really know the employer that they’re gonna be interviewing with, to do their research, to know their mission, their vision, what is it that they actually do and how they’ll be able to fit in and fit in that context. The next thing they should do is really to look at their own network and see if they know someone within that employer. The best place to – the best way to get a job is to know someone nowadays, right? We all talk about networking and we talk about having an inside person and a soft hand off. And so really they really need to look at to see who they know and that’s the fastest way to get in is to have someone give a resume to someone and have a direct referral within an employment opportunity. So I think that the best thing that someone could do is really to be just prepared, know the company, but also know if they have anyone that they know within that company.