When considering an MBA degree, the first thought is usually tuition costs. Students wonder where they can get the most for their money. Fortunately, there are plenty of business school rankings to pore over and numerous sources of financial aid to review.

However, value in higher education can transcend the monetary outlay, particularly when you consider the cost-benefit advantages of an online MBA program. Below are some of the benefits of online study.

Continue working full time

With an online MBA, you will likely be able to maintain a full-time work schedule without having to take time out of your day to attend classes. You can study during off-hours and weekends, as well as have the ability to travel without missing any lectures or assignments. Your salary and benefits stay in place. There is no disruption to your work. Choosing to pursue your MBA online also allows you to maximize your time without the worries of additional commuting, child-care arrangements, and the other practical considerations when attending classes on campus.

Become more valuable in your job

While your ultimate MBA goal may be to move beyond your current role, you will have the potential to become a greater asset in your current position. There is inherent value in gaining business skills that touch every functional area of a company. Think about the real-world application of the courses being offered when choosing an online MBA program. Look for curriculum that provides actionable knowledge and has a positive impact on the work you are doing now, as well as your career aspirations.

Gain virtual collaboration skills

Today’s workplace can be seamless regarding communication and collaboration across time zones and geographic boundaries. Telecommuting is increasingly common, while web-based meetings and project tools are at everyone’s fingertips. Taking your MBA courses online can help perfect your skills as a remote collaborator and international colleague. You learn how to interact effectively using sophisticated technologies that connect you to more people and perspectives. Advanced technical proficiency is an expectation in today’s business world, and employers want tech-savvy people on their teams. It is this type of added value that an online educational experience can provide.

Travel abroad

Some online MBA programs offer students the opportunity to study abroad. If this is important to you, evaluate the many online programs available to you based on the ability to travel and learn through unique firsthand experiences. Look for immersive international business courses that take you to the geographic regions that you currently interact with in your job — or those you hope to work in as you advance your career.

By offering the ability to continue your career while attending business school, learn skills you can apply immediately, collaborate with peers across the country and world, and provide the opportunity for travel, an online MBA program is the perfect choice for busy professionals wanting to expand their business education. Learn more about Pepperdine’s online MBA program today.