Hear from recent graduates of the Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business online MBA program as they describe what it was like to study for their MBA in an online environment.


Tara Clark: I think at this point I probably talk to my faculty and classmates more than I talk to my friends and my family. They’ve become a – we’ve all become a community at this point. So, you know, we talk more or less every day, if not on Google Hangout or a conference call, or via a text message. You know, we’re very open with our communication and that’s really built a nice network and a good support network as we go through the two years of the program.

Jimmy Stewart: You work a lot of professors that just have really interesting back stories, to be able to talk about that at work or people who are interested in the program, to talk about, you know, some of the interesting things that your professors have done. And then the classmates are incredible to work with. They have very diverse career backgrounds and have done a lot of fantastic things and they’re fun to brag about as well.

Piryanka Budiyan: Surprisingly, I never felt alone in the past two years because this program really provided a family structure for all of us. We met the faculty, we met our peers right in the beginning. We knew who each other was, and we were holding each other responsible and accountable for everything we did. Your advisors are constantly contacting you, just checking in to make sure that your last semester went ok. Your teachers will contact you or reach out to you if they know that something’s up or if they know that you’re looking for a career change or if you need some help or advice on that. They’re so open to giving you their advice and it’s amazing how helpful this entire team has been throughout the process.

Richard Westefield: I consider myself to be extremely lucky, where I had a great cohort and then within that great cohort an excellent group of team members that I worked with and we’ve actually been pretty consistent friends throughout the program and have worked together pretty much in every class every trimester throughout the program.


Clifton Myers: Well it was certainly helpful. I think that the biggest challenge was figuring out, you know, if we’ve got people on different time zones and you know, trying to get our set schedule for when we can meet, but I think once we were able to get that figured out that it was pretty seamless. I mean, we had things like dedicated conference call lines that we used. We used Google Hangouts. Um, I mean, group text messages, and it just – it always seemed like we were able to get ahold of each other when we needed to, especially to communicate on what deliverables were due and when, which is obviously a big concern of mine. You know, thinking about group projects with people I had never met but after two years, it seemed like, uh, you know, what we did worked. It worked well.

TC: I think we had it down to a science at the end.

PB: It became a transformational experience for me because I realized that just because it’s online it’s jumping into a completely different universe and that universe – it’s the one we’re living in now. And if you’re in a face-to-face class, you don’t really have that because you don’t get to be involved with this online technology and with this online program, you do.


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