Narrator: Hello and good afternoon everyone. As Professor Shanahan mentioned, the E2B program is really a great learning environment. It really has helped me a lot in my current career. As I’m about to graduate, I would actually consider it to be one of the most insightful part of my education at Pepperdine. And it’s not because I just know the concept and had them drilled in, but because the E2B provide an engaging learning experience within a safe place where you can make mistakes, learn and grow within your field and really grasp the concepts.

Narrator: So my concentration is marketing, and I had the opportunity to participate in three E2B, so far. But the most challenging and interesting one was when I worked on the Izzi Gadgets, and that’s spelled I-Z-Z-I, in case you want to look it up while I’m talking about who IZZI Gadgets really is.

Narrator: So, to give you a quick snapshot, Izzi Gadgets began on Kickstarter. So it was a camera lens case accessory for your phone. These lenses provided users the opportunity to take unique pictures with the quality and filters of a digital camera. So the products were highlighted at huge shows like CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, and being able to be a part of consulting for a brand like this that’s so reputable and on its way up and innovative was really exciting. But unfortunately, the brand really needed some help with their marketing strategies, and a lot of times, when you’re a new company, you know, you don’t have the budget to hire a consultant, so we got to act as Izzi’s consultant.

Narrator: We got to take the concept and the theories that we were learning and really place them into practice. Some theories like how to diffuse an innovation into the marketplace, or how to create a blue ocean strategy were important components to make a successful campaign. And as you really look at the E2B process there’s an actual flow to online, and although it may seem like it’s less personal or interactive, I experienced just the opposite. I’ve done both online and I’ve studied on campus at Pepperdine. And I can tell you that when you do online, you’re graded based upon your contribution and your participation level. So I would become closer to a lot of students just doing the online course versus when I was in the classroom. But you know, just like anything in life, you’re going to get out what you put in, so you have to be willing to give that effort for yourself but also for this company that you are now going to be representing as a consultant.

Narrator: So the other part that I thought was great about the E2B iss that you’ll be surprised – it kind of turns into a competition because you want your ideas to be the one that the consultant chooses. In my particular class online there were four other teams, and although we didn’t communicate, because we wanted to keep all our ideas private and secret, a lot of us came to the same conclusions about, you know, the size of the market and the best channels to market to the consumer, which is very validating because you all are doing so much research that it’s great to be able to all kind of come to the same place.

Narrator: Another great part about the process is that you really get to dive in and understand what the product is. I was the demo agent for my team, which meant that Izzi Gadgets sent me one of their cases. So I got to test it out, I got to take it out in public, see what other people thought about it, and during the process, as you’re presenting to the client, you can speak from a place of ownership because you’ve – you know their product and you’ve seen their product and you’ve played with it and you know everything about it, so you really take ownership as you’re putting together your marketing strategy through the E2B.

Narrator: A surprising benefit that came from doing the E2B was a new level of confidence in myself. SO when your strategies – and you see your marketing concept being welcomed by a company, or they’re excited about what you’re bringing to the table, all your hard work and research feels like it has paid off. And I know a lot of times in business and life you don’t always get to see the fruits of your labor and how hard you worked, but with this project, you actually got to see the client be excited about what you’ve done.

Narrator: I would also like to add though, that the E2B program – it’s not – I wouldn’t say it’s an easy program because you are really having to give a lot of your time and your energy and your knowledge, but the rewards are so much greater when you come through it and you learn everything that you can about how to help this company.

Narrator: The difficult part sometimes about the E2B is that the client has preferences and predisposed ideas as to what the brand or the product is supposed to be like, and you’ve got to come in and in a very delicate way, just like you would in the real world, and learn how to communicate a better way to market or a better way to – a better consumer that they should be going after.

Narrator: So that’s a great learning experience that really helps you stretch and grow. It’s not always easy working in groups, either, but working in groups – I have seen it develop my leadership skills as well, so something that will continuously help me in my career moving forward is being able to work well with groups in kind of a technological space.

Narrator: So, in addition, I really feel like Pepperdine isn’t just interested in increasing your knowledge on the subject matter, but also making you a better leader for your workplace, and this E2B Project specifically did that for me. So kind of, in closing, I just want to say, you know, we live in a digital age where we have so many connections in how we’re leading our lives in every way, we’re online so it makes sense to incorporate this type of learning, not just for convenience. For myself, I travel globally a lot, so it’s a huge convenience factor for me not to be in class at times, but really for the opportunity to stretch yourself and to learn how to adapt to a new way of learning, so I had an amazing experience and I’m so thankful that I could share it all with you today.<