Choosing a degree is a big decision. Now you can learn from those who have already chosen. Hear why some of our graduates picked Pepperdine University for their online MBA and why they would recommend it to others.


Tara Clark: My name is Tara Clark. I live in Houston, Texas. I’m a regional oncogenomic liaison for a biotech company called Genomic Health, and I just finished my MBA at Pepperdine.

TC: I chose Pepperdine because I wanted a university that had other people in it that share the same values that I do. I wanted something more than just an education but a chance to network and you know move ahead in my field.

Jimmy Stewart: My name is Jimmy Stewart I manage a hospice and home health agency in Northern California. I chose Pepperdine University because I grew up in Southern California, so I had a strong brand recognition, strong name for me. I knew a couple of people who went through the program and heard some great feedback from them.

JS: I think the value that you get out of the Pepperdine University is for one, whenever you talk to someone and let them know that you’re going to Pepperdine University, everyone’s always pretty impressed. It’s great feedback and it’s a school that people have heard of. And the location of it, it always intrigues people when you tell them that you know, you get to spend a weekend every now and then at Malibu.

Richard Westerfield: My name’s Richard Westerfield. I’m a 2006 graduate of Tulane University. Post graduation, I was commissioned as a naval officer. For the past eight and a half years, I’ve been an active-duty naval flight officer flying E2C Hawkeyes.

RW: A few factors went into my decision to choose Pepperdine. With the ethical lesson to learn, I think that appealed to me strongly with my career as a military officer, that you know, it’s a significant portion of what we do, and who we are, and what makes us effective as officers. The incorporation of ethical and moral lessons throughout business is extremely important. You know, many of us pursue business school with the thought that, “Hey, this is going to lead to future gain, future economic benefit to make me better off, but having a grounding in an ethical basis of how you’re going about business. Not just enriching yourself, but enriching others around you and society as a whole.

Piryanka Budiyan: Hi, I’m Piryanka Budiyan and I am in small business management and I just graduated with my MBA at Pepperdine University.

PB: I chose Pepperdine University because of its availability and accessibility. As a working professional, it was incredibly important to be able to have access to a program that allowed me to work around my schedule, and that’s something Pepperdine allowed me to do. So it was wonderful being able to work with them and being able to keep my professional life separate and my school life separate and be able to excel in them both at the same time.


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