Our Education to Business program helps students gain valuable insights into real-world issues at leading organizations. Hear from recent graduates about their experience with the program.


Clifton Myers: Yeah, I’d love to tell you about the E2B. It’s a really neat component. For example, we got to work with clients in various industries that, you know, I worked in consumer product goods, so I had a chance to, you know, work with people in real estate, people in the online sector as well as, you know an athletic footwear company. And what’s great is that you have a chance to really dive in and do, you know, research and find out more about these industries and then really apply what you’re learning in the program to develop strategic plans for these companies. And they’re definitely experiences I never would have gotten you know, outside of you know the industry that I currently work in.

Jimmy Stewart: The E2B program was very helpful, I think, in terms of things that you could immediately start practicing and applying at work. The E2B was incredible. I mean, you just picked up a lot of basic but really important skills that, you know, were fun to apply that very next Monday after that weekend.

Richard Westerfield: E2B was a great addition to the program, with it being an all-new program and then even with – in the traditional program that’s very much insulated all in the traditional lectures, textbook knowledge – that sort of thing – you wouldn’t think traditionally that there would be a great opportunity to really get outside of the classroom and the E2B provided that on several different projects, different classes, taking kind of numerous different looks of various fields of business, so it was really an opportunity to kind of get outside of the classroom and have some practical knowledge of what we’ve actually done and then what we can potentially do long-term in a post-business school career.

Tara Clark: I felt that E2B was a great addition to the MBA program because it was real life experience and I don’t think that’s something you can find at a lot of other schools. It was nice to feel like we were actually working toward something and toward someone who really needed help with whatever project they were trying to get off the ground, so it felt a little more real-life per se than just doing a project out of a textbook or just doing a project based off of a company of what we could find out. But we really got – we were really able to drill down and find out some problems in a company and really help them move forward to better their company, so it was an exciting process, I think.

CM: Yeah, absolutely. We got to – you know – had a chance to speak with the CEO of multiple firms. I mean, how often do you get to, you know, come up with a list of questions as a group and just firing off an email to the CEO and you know, he’s happy to respond, happy to tell you about, you know, where to find the information you’re looking for, or give his personal insight, which is –I mean, you said it – you can’t really get that from a textbook.


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