Did you know that the Pepperdine University MBA program has one of the largest alumni network on the West Coast? Our students can connect to thousands of business professionals around the world. Find out how our extensive alumni network has helped them reach their career goals.


Clifton Myers: I think that being part of the Pepperdine alumni network is very exciting to me. I think it’s a chance to meet with other individuals that have gone on similar journeys in pursuit of very similar things and I’m very excited just as I move across the country to you know, really reach out and start connect with some of these people that have gone, you know, gone the path in the past. And I’m excited to learn about their experiences and what they’re pursuing in life.

I think the value it brings is , the most important thing to me, is leadership. You know, of course here you’re taught how to be a leader, but I think, each one of us, because we got into Pepperdine, we’re already a leader and they, you know, the faculty sort of brings it out in you and people will look up to you and it just becomes more natural, so I think they’re good at bringing the leadership qualities out in students.


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