Customize your education to meet your goals.

With five industry-relevant concentrations, the Pepperdine online Master of Business Administration helps you develop an expert-level understanding of today’s business practices and allows you to customize your education to your interests and goals.

Our curriculum can help you...

Our curriculum can help you:

  • Develop critical thinking skills and practical managerial expertise
  • Explore current business and management theories and practices
  • Expand your business intelligence as you examine business from a global perspective
  • Increase your communication and leadership abilities on a flexible online platform

Master of Business Administration

Core Courses

ACCT 652
Accounting Information and Control Systems (4 trimester units)
BSCI 650
Personal and Leadership Development Workshop (1 trimester unit)
BSCI 651
Behavior in Organizations (4 trimester units)
DESC 656
Quantitative Analysis for Business Operations (4 trimester units)
ECNM 657
Prices, Profit, and the Market Economy (4 trimester units)
FINC 655
Financial Management of the Firm (4 trimester units)
Integration in Business Operations (2 trimester units)
ISTM 654
Information and Process Systems (4 trimester units)
LEGL 653
Political, Regulatory, Ethical, and Legal Issues of Business (4 trimester units)
MKTG 658
Marketing Management (4 trimester units)
STGY 659
Strategic Management (4 trimester units)
Integration in Business Operations: Strategic Management (1 trimester unit)

Digital Innovation & Information Systems Concentration

ISTM 660
Business Analytics and Intelligence (2 trimester units)
ISTM 661
Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure Management (2 trimester units)
ISTM 662
DIIS Portfolio and Project Management (2 trimester units)
ISTM 663
Managing DIIS Security, Privacy and Ethics (2 trimester units)
ISTM 664
Business Process Analysis and Innovation (2 trimester units)
ISTM 665
Digital Innovation and Strategic Transformation (2 trimester units)

Finance Concentration

FINC 667
Global Capital Markets and Institutions (4 trimester units)
FINC 668
Valuation and Corporate Combinations (4 trimester units)
FINC 669
Investments and Portfolio Management (4 trimester units)

General Management Concentration

Select any 12 units of MBA electives.

Leadership and Managing Organizational Change Concentration

GSBM 693
Global Business Intensive (2 trimester units)
OTMT 617
Leadership Theory and Practice (2 trimester units)
OTMT 670
Advanced Principles of Organizations and Leadership (4 trimester units)
OTMT 672
Organizational Dynamics and Managing Change (4 trimester units)
OTMT 673
Creativity and Innovation for Leadership (2 trimester units)

Marketing Concentration

MKTG 680
Global Brand Management (4 trimester units)
MKTG 681
Market Innovation and Commercialization (4 trimester units)
MKTG 682
Marketing Communications in the Digital Age (4 trimester units)