Digital Innovation & Information Systems Concentration

Be at the intersection of business and technology.

Modern business relies on technology. That’s why professionals who can leverage business best practices and technical savvy are needed more than ever. To meet this demand, the Graziadio School of Business and Management online MBA offers the Digital Innovation and Information Systems concentration.

Our courses can help you master:

  • Current business trends
  • Technology management
  • Infrastructure management

  • Business analytics
  • Technology security and ethics
  • Business innovation

Our experience based courses can help you master...

Take your interests even further with multiple experiential learning opportunities. With our nationally recognized Education to Business (E2B) program, you can work with major corporations to solve real-world business issues. And our optional international studies program allows you to examine international management and foreign markets while learning abroad from global organizations.

What courses can you take?

Our cutting-edge curriculum is designed to help business professionals expand their technical skill set and develop the leadership skills necessary to lead technology teams. Learn to apply responsible business practices, leverage innovation in a business setting, and master ethical and strategic organizational management with your choice of five industry-focused courses:

  • ISTM 660 Business Analytics and Intelligence
  • ISTM 661 Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure Management
  • ISTM 662 DIIS Portfolio and Project Management
  • ISTM 663 Managing DIIS Security, Privacy and Ethics
  • ISTM 664 Business Process Analysis and Innovation
  • ISTM 665 Digital Innovation and Strategic Transformation

Where can a Digital Innovation & Information Systems MBA take you?

Any education has value, but an MBA has proven ROI. A Master’s in Business Administration holder on average earns $75,640 (, which is nearly double the salary for the average occupation in the U.S., according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Your area of specialization can help increase your earning potential even more. In fact, professionals holding an MBA focused in information systems earn a median salary of $106,000 (

Possible roles you can pursue with a MBA in Digital Innovation & Information Systems include:

Learn more about your career opportunities with our online MBA now.

  • Systems or technology analyst
  • Infrastructure manager
  • Information manager
  • IT director, CIO
  • Enterprise architect
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Process analyst
  • IT project manager
  • Business-IT relationship manager
  • Digital business consultant
  • Operations manager, COO
  • Technology product manager

According to a student outcomes survey, 75% of responding Pepperdine MBA graduates reported earning a salary increase or promotion six months after graduation, and 100% would recommend our program to others.

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