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Business is a broad field with a variety of education opportunities. Whether your goal is entrepreneurship, a career change, or advancing in your current role, it’s important to know all your options. If you’re not sure which degree is right for you, the breadth of an MBA program with a focused concentration might be the answer.

Master’s in Finance vs. MBA with a Finance Concentration

A Master’s in Finance can be among the most financially rewarding professional degrees, but it’s not without risk. As the global financial market ebbs and flows, so does the financial field’s security. A narrow expertise in finance can be useful during a period of growth, but an MBA gives you skills you can apply across industries at any time, giving you the flexibility to shift gears.

Whereas a typical Master’s in Finance curriculum approaches financial markets on a granular, intensive level — basically a deep dive into math, theory, and analysis — an MBA with a Finance concentration helps ensure a broader knowledge of all facets of business while helping you better understand international business as a whole. Both paths can prepare you for success in New York, London, or Tokyo, but only an MBA provides the big-picture context.

Master’s in Leadership vs. MBA with a Leadership and Managing Organizational Change Concentration

Leadership is necessary in any industry, which means effective leaders must have a broad arsenal of experiences and skills to make an impact. A Master’s in Leadership can help you think critically about business initiatives, weigh personal leadership styles, and understand workplace dynamics and how to use them to your organization’s benefit. An MBA with a concentration in Leadership and Managing Organizational Change can do that and more.

An MBA program with a concentration in Leadership and Managing Organizational Change can help you develop your leadership style, understand workplace dynamics, and think critically, but it can also help you better understand the teams you will lead. Effective leaders are empathetic and knowledgeable in multiple areas, which means Leadership and Managing Organizational Change MBA graduates have an upper hand due to their specialized leadership skills and breadth of expertise in multiple business arenas.

Master’s in Marketing vs. MBA with a Marketing Concentration

A Master’s in Marketing can be a great choice for professionals set on the marketing field, determined to gain a deep understanding of marketing processes and content with their knowledge of the modern business landscape. On the other hand, an MBA with a Marketing concentration can help develop big-picture thinking and a thorough understanding of foreign and domestic markets. It also gives students the opportunity to work collaboratively with other professionals and departments, just like they would in a real-world setting.

An MBA with a Marketing concentration is also intended to be applied dynamically to your career. That’s why our curriculum implements an Education to Business (E2B) program, which allows you to practice real-world application through collaborative projects with global corporations such as Raytheon Technical Services, Ticketmaster, and Disney Regional Entertainment.

Master’s in Management vs. MBA with a General Management Concentration

Did you know that the average Master’s in Management and MBA curriculums overlap by about 30%? (Global MIM Survey 2012). While both degrees help develop a strong foundation in general management topics, their coursework and workplace perceptions differ.

A Master’s in Management focuses more on theoretical learning than an MBA. Many courses are research-oriented rather than practically driven. An MBA with a concentration in General Management focuses more on the practical side of management through consulting projects, business plan creation, and in-company assignments. You can also learn alongside experienced professionals, while a Master’s in Management typically does not require work experience.

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