The world is more connected than ever. Modern business is too.

Business doesn’t exist in a vacuum. At Pepperdine University, we feel that business education shouldn’t either. To help you develop practical skills through real-world training, our online MBA offers multiple experiential learning opportunities, including two residency components, our nationally recognized Education to Business program, and optional international study programs.

Malibu Residencies

Malibu Residencies

Complete your Personal and Leadership Development Workshop and Integration in Business Operations course and meet your peers and professors in person during two weekend residencies at our beautiful, coastal Malibu campus.

Ranked among the “10 College Courses That Will Pay Off at Work” by U.S. News & World Report, this course connects you and your E2B team with executives from top corporations to solve real-world business problems.

Education to Business

Education to Business (E2B)

International Study

International Study

Our optional international study program gives you the opportunity to work with international experts and explore foreign markets from a business perspective. While previous international studies students have examined business in England, China, France, Japan, Chile, Dubai, and beyond, the program’s destination changes from year to year.

More than 65% of MBA employers are looking for international study experience during the hiring process. — QS Top MBA Jobs & Salary Trends Report 2014-2015

Customized for your goals

With five concentrations to choose from, including Finance, Marketing, Leadership and Managing Organizational Change, and General Management, you can develop a broad business education focused on experiential learning and ethical practices while concentrating on your personal interests.

You have many professional degree options. If you’re not sure an MBA is for you, visit our degree comparison page, which explains the key aspects of specialized professional degrees and how they compare to an MBA.

Lead at every level

Lead at every level

Deloitte University Press identifies the need for leadership at all levels as one of the 12 critical issues facing business today (Global Human Capital Trends 2014 Survey). No matter your role or industry, as a business professional you must be equipped to develop partnerships and make long-term decisions. The Pepperdine Graziadio Business School online MBA is designed to help you build these skills.

Approximately 96% of responding employers reported that business school graduates create value for their companies. — Graduate Management Admission Council’s 2015 Year-End Poll of Employers